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KOHLER B.E.S. is qualified to carry out the servicing of your generator set, whatever its origin, make, or power.

The following services many be carried out during servicing:

•  General inspection Apart from engine issues, alternator and cabinet
the technician carries out a general inspection of the generator set and its auxiliaries (leakages, fouling, poor securing, tightening connections, general appearance, etc.)
•  Electrical inspection: alternator, power distribution unit, battery charger
•  Mechanical inspection: levels, lubrication, rockers, injection, engine safety, fuel circuit, cooling, etc.
•  Engine oil change
•  No-load and service tests
•  Supply of consumable items (excluding fuel)


KOHLER SDMO, Aman, Motermic, RVI, Berliet, 2HE, Houvenagel, Diesel Energie, Groel, Genelec, Caterpillar,
Bergerat Monnoyeur Energie, Wilson, Enerson, Udelec, ADV, Simed Diolot, Bealas, BRI, Fauche, Electrodiesel, Turbomeca, Allison, etc.

Power: from 10 to 3,000 kVA

From: France or abroad