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24 hour repair

You would like to make your installation more reliable following a mechanical or electrical dysfunction.

The KOHLER B.E.S. team of technicians is at your service to repair your standby generator set installation, with or without E.J.P., as well as your cogeneration or production generator set, throughout France (including Corsica) 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

To do this, they are trained to carry out the interventions needed to reactivate it as soon as possible.


They are equiped with a mobile phone, a response vehicle, tools, documentation and the description of the set or plant. They also have access to KOHLER B.E.S. data sources as well as the nearest store for spare parts.

KOHLER B.E.S. generally sets up remote monitoring of the generator set adapted to the specific requirements of their customer.

Your KOHLER B.E.S. contact in your region